Alice Gipps - International Polo Photographer


Alice Gipps - Polo Photographer


After 15 years of specializing in the field, Alice has become established as one of the leading polo photographers, building up an extensive photographic library of spectacular images from around the world, many of which also feature as stunning Fine Art Photography pieces.
Success has to be due to uniquely combining all her favourite subjects; photography, horses, playing polo and art. Riding since the age of three and spending her life surrounded by horses, they have always been the main subject for her drawing and photography. A keen artist, she studied Art at college and in her gap year took the John Hall History of Art course to Italy visiting Venice, Florence and Rome. However, the desire to learn more about the anatomy, behaviour and everything equine later lead her to an Hons degree in Equine Science at University. Once introduced to polo it was clear that this was the way forward. Enthusiasm and understanding of both subject and sport combined with an untiring artistic desire to portray the beauty and elegance of the horse fuels endless ideas for creative work.
Read further about Alice's photography in articles published by the Polo Players Edition (see Article), PQ International (see article) and The Polo Magazine (see article).

Spotted early on in her career in 2002 by Polo Times, Alice has provided this leading UK polo magazine with numerous cover shots and pictures to illustrate articles. See a large selection of magazine cover photographs click here.

Alice has also had work published in:

The Daily Telegraph, The Times, The Financial Times, Horse & Hound, PQ International, Hurlingham, The Polo Magazine, Pololine, Country Life, Berkshire Life, Polo Players Edition, Sidelines Magazine, Polo & Polistas, El Federal Polo, Polo Mundial, La Dorrego, Clarin Newspaper, CAP, Chukka, New Style, PACE, Polo Barbados, St. Mortiz Polo Magazine, Playmaker Polo by Hugh Dawnay and Polo Around the World by Javier Bustinza.

Providing articles to accompany her pictures arose when Polo Times asked Alice to interview top players such as Adolfo Cambiaso, Bautista Heguy (article) Lolo Castagnola (article), Ruki Baillieu (article) and many more about their best playing ponies for the Polo Times Pony Power page. Alice has also written for Polo Times, PQ International and Hurlingham about many other subjects such as breeding articles, embryo transfer, starting young horses and women's polo which she both plays and organises in the UK and Argentina. 

One commission was to provide images and an article for Polo Times on Pablo MacDonough (see article) about the families embryo transfer farm in Argentina, La Irenita.

Prior to this Alice wrote an article on Eduardo Heguy's incredible polo organisation in Argentina (see article) for Polo Times. Eduardo and his wife Paz had invited her to visit their beautiful home in La Pampa providing a wonderful opportunity to photograph all the mares, foals, stallions and young playing ponies from the Heguy's top bloodlines in an amazing location. It remains one of her most memorable trips with many of the pictures illustrating this website and the experience of having played incredible horses from the Open.  

Prior to this Alice had written an article on Eduardo Heguy’s incredible polo organisation in Argentina for Polo Times.


Eduardo and his wife Paz invited her to visit their beautiful home in La Pampa giving her wonderful opportunity to photograph all the mares, foals, stallions and young playing ponies from the Heguy’s top bloodlines in an amazing location.


It remains one of her most memorable travels with many of the pictures illustrat


Eduardo Heguy - Polo Times article and pictures by Alice


Predominately covering high goal polo events in the UK and Argentina, photography has also taken Alice to breathtaking locations with thrilling atmosphere such as St. Moritz where snow polo is played on a frozen lake, to sun soaked Sotogrande and its fabulous light. There are many images in the archives from her travels to Buenos Aires, Kenya, Moscow, Wyoming, New Mexico, La Pampa, St. Moritz, Sotogrande, Dubai and India.



The unpredictability of polo forever presents a challenge for new, exciting and unexpected images; mallets entwined, split second connection of the ball, rippling muscles of the horses, players agility and skill. It not only takes skill, timing and a good composition to constantly capture powerful action polo images, but an essential requirement is an artistic eye and creative energy behind the lens, constantly scouting for a truly stunning image that captures movement, character, feeling and emotion.

Alice uses Canon ID MK IV  for the sports action and her favourite lense is the 100-400mm. It enables her to capture the close up chaos as well as mid-field action and detail. Other photography experience includes motor racing at Brands Hatch, the Dakar Rally in Argentina, racing, hunting, jumping.............


Although specialising in polo photography, horse portraits are also very welcome along with other sport events.


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