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Framed Fine Art Prints

      ....creating art through passion and photography

Alice's creative Fine Art Prints bring pleasure to those who share similar sentiments for horses.

High profile galleries have exhibited Alice's fine art images with many of the pieces sold internationally.

Specialist papers and inks ensure the Fine Art Prints are made to a very high quality so that the results are beautiful, long lasting, faithful reproductions of the original artwork. 

Photographic papers (including Iridium Silver Gloss), Fine Art paper or for a more textured look and one of Alice's favourite ways to display her work, going against tradition, canvas behind glass. A wide variety of frames and mounts can be offered in bespoke sizes so you can choose a subtle small piece of art work or a huge dramatic centre piece in the size and frame that will suit the room. Visit the Home page for inspiration and for all the Fine Art Prints available click here


Special Edition Prints

Not to be confused with limited edition prints, special edition prints are only limited to 25 copies of a particular size and medium of an image, there is no overall limit on the number of versions made of a particular image. This makes special edition prints more collectable than open editions, however, they are more affordable than the limited edition prints that have a finite print run which is never to be exceeded.


Limited Edition Prints

Limited edition prints are available for those who want something unique.

A limited edition is a series of identical prints from a particular image which are limited to a one-time printing of a certain number of pieces. The photographer determines the size of the edition, each individual print will be signed and numbered (e.g. 8/25) and every piece comes with a Certificate of Authenticity.

Alice's limited edition pieces are mostly printed on Hahnemuhle German Etching Fine Art Paper, however the exact paper and print run depends on her choice for each individual image. Occasionally Alice will run a limited editions with half of the edition in black & white, however, there will never be any more than the total number of the edition printed of the particular image and the numbering will be continuous. The same is applied if two different sizes in a limited edition print are offered for any reason. 

Due to their limited availability, prints from these images are very collectable and have a greater value than open and special editions.

The Hahnemuhle German Etching paper, a 310gsm genuine mould-made, heavy-weight archive grade etching paper that has a matt, velvety surface. This paper has a slightly warmer base than Photo Rag, and a marginally more visible felt mark, the faint texture imparted from the blanket during the forming process.


Artist Proofs

Historically, artists proofs were the first prints pulled from the printing plate when lithograph prints were the main print process. Not only would they have been the best quality when the printing 'stone' was pristine, it was also an important test to make sure the print was ready for the main limited edition run. The artist would generally keep the best 'artist proofs' for themselves however, the high quality and scarcity meant that these artists proofs would reach an even higher price than the subsequent limited edition.

Today, with fine art photographic prints, including artist proofs of a limited edition run carries on from this tradition, however with digital printing all the images will be of a high standard so it is purely the exclusivity of the print run that makes them extremely sought after. The number of artist's proofs is normally equal to 10% of the total number of prints in the limited edition, also signed and numbered similarly (e.g. AP 1/5).

When the edition is sold out an artist's proof will go up in value at a greater percentage rate than the limited edition. Normally the artist's proofs are sold out well before the complete edition and their value will begin to increase.

To go back to the essence of what an 'artists proof' really was, Alice produces only a very small number of AP's, usually on Tecco Silver Iridium Gloss paper, from each limited edition which come with a special certificate of authenticity and a written note about her vision behind taking each particular image.

The iridum finish from this silver-metallised photo paper with its unique Iridium-like surface gives every image a three-dimentional look ensuring that each print truely comes to life.

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Equine Fine Art Photography Book

A collection of Alice's best fine art images all together in one beautiful book.

Great coffee table book or gift for any horse lover.


To see a preview or buy a copy - click here


Wall Art

Canvases ~ Blocs ~ Astral ~ Vermont

Images also look stunning when displayed on smart floated framed canvases, simplistic blocs, modern astral aluminium panels and framed vermont blocs. Enquire for samples and prices through the contact page.




Greetings cards, blank inside. 4 different themes.

A6 size cards:

1) Polo Pony (black & white head with tack

2) Watching the Game

£1.95 each or set of 5 identical cards £8.95 + P&P

Long Cards (21x10cm):

3) Blue Eye

4) Slice of the Action

£2.35 each or set of 5 identical cards £10.95 + P&P